Sleeve Gastrectomy

 In sleeve gastrectomy operation, it is aimed to reduce the volume of the stomach (about 60-100cc) and then make the person feel full with very little food. With this aim, a certain part of the stomach is removed by operation and a tube-like stomach remains. In addition, since the part of the stomach which secretes hunger hormone, the patient does not feel hungry.

By this operation, only the amount of taken good is restricted; since the absorption of food continues in the same way, the patient does not need to take vitamin or mineral support.

Laparoscopic method is applied in sleeve gastrectomy operations. It is entered to abdominal cavity through small incisions.

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy operation approximately lasts for 2 hours. The patient is anesthetized under general anesthesia. The residue tube-shaped stomach is closed with suturation materials, called staplers, not my hands.