Parathyroid Cancer

Parathyroid cancer can also be briefly defined as the growth of parathyroid glands. The cancer cells which are formed cause hyperparathyroidism problem by increasing hormone secretion from the gland. The cancer cells usually emerge as benign cancers. These tumors are called adenoma. It is a quite rare disease. The only treatment method for parathyroid cancer that causes hyperparathyroidism is surgical procedures. It is important for both the patient and the physician to determine the location of the gland with ultrasound and parathyroid MRI scintigraphy before the surgical procedures to be performed. Rarely, parathyroid cancer tumor may form in the cavity of the chest. In this case, it may be necessary to cut the chest bone. As long as the surgical procedures required for thyroid cancer are performed by doctors and medical teams who are experienced in the field, no aesthetical problem occurs. The process is carried out with the help of an incision about 2 to 2.5 cm size.



This problem arises from damage caused by the functioning of parathyroid glands less than necessary. Due to its low functioning, the production of hormones in the bloodstream decreases and the level of calcium that should be present in the blood decreases. As a result of the decrease in the calcium levels in the blood, the patient starts to develop numbness on the hands and on the edges of the lip. Even rarely, it causes contractions. One of the reasons that cause hypoparathyroidism is the removal of one of the parathyroid glands during the operations performed for the removal of the thyroid gland or the damage of the glands. Among the factors that cause hypoparathyroidism; congenital absence of parathyroid glands and the loss of functions of the glands due to some reasons can be listed. The main aim of the treatment of this disease is the replacement of low calcium in the blood. In order to relieve patients in emergent situations where calcium replacement should be done, an injection is done with calcium support from the vein. People with this disease should use vitamin D and calcium-containing drugs throughout their lives.



This problem occurs when the parathyroid glands work more than necessary. Parathyroid glands, which work more than necessary, produce more parathyroid hormones than necessary and thus increase the amount of calcium in the bloodstream. The effect of the hormone begins to cause bone resorption in the bones. There is also an increase in the amount of calcium to be extracted by kidneys. As a result, kidney stones will begin to occur. Reasons for this disease include the growth of parathyroid gland and benign tumors of the parathyroid gland. In general, parathyroid gland growth occurs in people with renal failure. In the treatment and diagnosis phase; general health status of the patients, their medical history, the general condition of the disease, patient’s compliance with the treatment and patient’s expectations from the disease are important. Treatment options for this disease also include surgical procedures. By surgical procedures, removal of the parathyroid gland is performed which functions at a higher level than normal.