Pancreas Cancer

The pancreas is an organ that is approximately 15 cm long, located in the most posterior part of the abdomen and its anterior surface is completely covered with duodenum and colon. It has many important roles in the body but plays a crucial role in the digestion of foods and keeping the blood sugar in balance.

Pancreas Cancer

Although pancreas cancers develop from any part of the organ, they are most commonly developed from the head region. They also most commonly originate from secretory cells and are called adenocarcinomas.

Pancreas Cancer Operation

According to examinations, if the tumor is appropriate to be removed by surgery, ‘Whipple surgery’ is performed classically. Moreover, if the tumor is located in the body and tail parts of the pancreas, relatively easier resection methods are applied. Surgical removal of the tumor constitutes the single course chance for these patients. Since it is not possible to remove only the head part of the pancreas in pancreas head tumors, the operation may be more complicated. In the Whipple operation; head of the pancreas is removed together with gallbladder, a portion of the main biliary tract, duodenum, a part of the stomach and surrounding lymph glands as a block.