Gastric Balloon

Stomach balloon is a silicone balloon which is placed in the stomach with endoscopy procedure and compatible with the human body. It is a 15-minute short-term procedure for patients who have a body mass index 25 and over, who cannot tolerate or undergo obesity surgery operations, who do not want to undergo surgery or who need to lose weight before obesity surgery. Thanks to the volume in the stomach, it helps people to reach ideal weight earlier by making them eat with fewer portions. The aim here is to provide a person nutrition habit with high nutritional value but low in calorie content and to turn it into a lifestyle. Since the gastric balloon stays in the stomach for a long period of 12 months, it is easier to adopt a healthy and regular diet. It has a big role in losing weight. In obesity treatment, it is a simpler procedure compared to obesity (bariatric) surgery and it is commonly preferred because of not requiring operation in obesity treatment. The most important aspect of balloon treatment is that its slimming effect is realized slowly. People whose body mass index is 25-30 (mild fat) and 30-35 (obesity) with metabolic disorder risk, whose BMI is 35-40 but who cannot tolerate or do not want to undergo obesity surgical operations, and whose BMI value is 40 and over (morbid obese) and need to lose weight before obesity surgery are appropriate for gastric balloon operation. If patients who have reached morbid obese level according to body mass index value and patients who have many concomitant diseases are not suitable for operation, weight loss is provided in order to prevent the damages caused by obesity. Or it is applied to patients who have 10-15 kg excess weight but could not lose weight with diet and exercise. It is preferred since it is not a surgical method, no hospitalization is required, the patient can be discharged within 1-2 days after the procedure, it has no risks as in surgical procedures, and it gives a feeling of fullness and helps losing weight.