Benign Breast Tumors

If you realize any change in your breasts, you should immediately consult your doctor. However, you should not panic. Most of the lumps in the breast are benign, which means they are not cancerous. Benign breast tumors usually have smooth edges and these lumps can move slightly when you press on them. They are usually seen in bilateral breasts.


Simple Cyst

Simple cysts are liquid-filled sacs and are usually seen at the same time in both breasts. These cysts may be in more numbers or just one. Dimensions may vary. Sensitivity and size usually vary depending on the menstrual cycle.



Fibroadenomas are the most common benign tumors. If you press on them, you feel that they are solid, round and rubbery lumps that can move freely. They are usually painless. They are caused by excessive reproduction of adrenal gland. They are most commonly seen in women between 20 and 30 years of age.


Intraductal Papilloma

These are small formations similar to warts which are seen closed to nipples. They are usually seen in women between the ages of 45-50. They can cause bleeding from the nipple.


Traumatic Necrosis of Fat Tissue

These occur when there is an injury in the breasts. The patient may not remember that she has had an injury. It causes fat to form usually round, hard and tight lumps. It is usually painless. They are usually not seen more than one.



Simple cysts can be treated with fine needle aspiration. They do not require the operation. An amount of cell is extracted from the lump in the breast with the help of a small needle. If the lump is a cyst, the fluid inside is discharged. So that cyst disappears. Cysts may also disappear spontaneously. For that reason, your doctor may recommend you wait for a while.

Fibroadenomas and intraductal papilloma can be removed with a surgical operation.

It may be difficult to understand whether the fat tissue of a lump is caused by traumatic necrosis or another reason before the doctor makes a biopsy. Fat necrosis usually does not require treatment. However, if these lumps make you uncomfortable, they can be removed.


Are Benign Breast Tumours Seen in Men?

Yes. Breast augmentation can be seen in men with excessive sensitivity. This is usually accompanied by a lump below the nipple. This is sometimes seen in one breast but more usually seen in both breasts. This situation is not considered as cancer but named as gynecomastia.